A dream

I was tormented,

It cut deep to the bone and ate at my skin

It threatened my very existence

It played with my mind and got my body in a certain rhythmic state

Like the possession of a spirit

It consumed my soul like a dark dark magic

My heart pounded like a bass drum and my blood run cold

It was like an encounter with evil!

It was the feeling of the body that writhed under my own

That sent shivers up my spine

It was that being with a skin so smooth and tender to touch

That admiration that made my mouth as dry as the heart of the desert!

Ready to devour my whole creature into extinction,

But just as I stretched my hands to touch that tenderness,

I woke up to a dream!😟

Dear Basketball

My best friend

The first lady of my life,

You lit a fire in me,one that is so filled with emotion!

Your arrival into my life was the most opportune

I met you as a little boy and you’ve never left me

We have shared a most physical intimacy.

Tonight I speak with a most gentle wisdom

Remembering the first time I touched that leather!

The first time I held you in my hands 

And took my first shot!

You did not say no to me…you entered with such ease and grace!

I cannot forget the friends you got me,the championships,the scholarship and above all,the love that you ignited in me!

You taught me that hardwork rewards,mistakes can be corrected…and that love is a conqueror,

And for that…thank you

Dear Basketball!

This is not retirement but a tribute!

Unexpressed gratitude is ingratitude,and for that,thank you the hoops fraternity!

Dear Basketball…..thank you!!

The Twin he never had

He loves not because he loves to love 

But because he has to love 

Now that he has had a glimpse of her in his life,he has no option but to love 

The twin he never had…

He sees a fire in her eyes

It lights so bright she can see the future!

He sits and dreams about the way they’ve come

It’s been a long narrow road,but they’ve made it this far

Endured the seasons of pain and inferno!

But they have sworn to keep it together

If she or he died tonight

Let the world know they shared a part of their lives…a sweet treasured past

It was so deep,it cut through the bone,right to the origins of their very existence

A man will always have time for the people he loves

It is this hour that he has dedicated to wrap up the past and maybe the near future

However It is not he that speaks tonight,but a poem deep inside that even paper can’t handle!

To the twin he never had….